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Rockingham Music Academy offers the best music lessons for a variety of instruments and abilities.

We are unique in our ability to connect students with an experienced team of professional musicians, who encourage the highest level of development and musicianship .

Important information regarding COVID-19
and our commitment to safety

Our creative team has adapted as necessary to ensure the safety of our students.  Limited in-person bookings are available at the discretion of the instructor and lessons take place at various venues in Rockingham to maintain reduced capacity.  Online lessons will continue to be available and are encouraged in the event of cold or flu.  Please contact the teachers directly for their current Covid-19 safety practices and policies or to book your time. 



The directive of social distancing and increased time at home makes this the perfect opportunity to start learning or improve your musical skills.

We would love to help you reach your goals

Private lessons with a Professional


Music is an activity that engages all areas of the mind and has been proven to boost brain development in young children.  It provides benefits for people of all ages because it is a rewarding and social activity.  Taking private music lessons from an experienced professional is the best, most effective, way for anyone to reach his or her full playing potential and now is the perfect time to enroll!!

All of our lessons are one-on-one with qualified instructors.  This allows a customized curriculum to suit the goals and interests of the individual while developing a foundation of theory and proper technique.

We pride ourselves in our ability to CONNECT our community with the best music tuition & it is 100% of our focus at Rockingham Music Academy


What our customers have to say

  • I never would have thought in 3 months he would be reading music and playing confidently in front of friends and family! Rockingham Music Academy is such a welcoming positive place and 5 stars just doesn't seem enough.
  • My daughter has been going to Rockingham Music Academy for 2 years now. Fantastic group of people who go out of their way to support you and or your child’s interests and needs. End of year concert to show everyone’s hard work and the opportunity for people to show their skills in a public arena, which is casual and informal. Fantastic way to build confidence and experience. Highly recommended.
  • My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since attending... I would highly recommend the Rockingham Music Academy for all your music applications.
  • My son had his first keyboard lesson today and he was so excited in the car. He loved his teacher and felt confident with what he had walked away with for his first lesson. Great with the kids wish I had started him earlier.
  • Given my cellist a deeper understanding of theory and he loves the added accompaniment of the piano to really hear the notes and pitch.
  • My daughter is loving her vocal lessons at Rockingham Music Academy. Her skills have improved amazingly. All the staff and teachers there are very professional and highly skilled. I am very happy to recommend them with 5 stars!
  • My daughter has been having piano lessons here since February, can highly recommend! She has consistently improved week to week.

Why Choose Us?

Your music teacher has a direct influence on how much you enjoy music, how much you get out of lessons, and even the success that you enjoy with music!
That is why it’s so important you choose a wonderful and experienced music teacher.

Look for a teacher who has these qualities:

Clear, Creative Explanations
since everyone learns slightly different, A great teacher will be able to come up with multiple ways to explain a concept so it makes sense to you.
Whether you’re working on perfecting your embouchure or understanding how to adjust your pitch, an Experienced teacher will find the right way for you to grasp the concept.
Problem Spotting – and Solving
Your teacher should actively listen and spot issues as they occur, and have solutions to help you solve those problems quickly.  If we play something incorrectly and we play it that way repeatedly, that mistake can become a bad habit that is hard to break. Your teacher can help you to make your practicing more effective by catching issues early on.
Making Lessons Fun
Learning music takes effort, but lessons should never be a miserable experience. Quite the opposite, they should be fun! A talented teacher will understand how to make music lessons fun and enjoyable, even with the hard work. The more you enjoy your lessons, the more motivated you’ll be to prepare for them and to quickly achieve your musical goals. 
 A Positive Attitude
A teacher’s attitude can have a huge influence on how well you learn and how much you enjoy your lessons. Look for a teacher with experience and a positive attitude who can help you when you’re frustrated. Your teacher should be positive and encouraging, and able to balance out critiques by identifying the things that you’re doing well.
Use of Goals & Related Assignments
Look for a music teacher who has experience in how to structure your lessons with assignments that help you work towards achieving your short and long-term goals.
You should leave each lesson with specific assignments to work on during your practice sessions.
Choice of Appropriate Pieces
When it comes to choosing your repertoire, a great music teacher will know how to select pieces that challenge you without overwhelming you. If a piece is too difficult for your skill level, it will only frustrate you and can even affect your confidence. Something too easy and you will be bored. But the right piece will help you to develop your skills while also becoming more confident in your abilities.
Organizational Skills
An organized teacher can make the most of all of your lesson time, moving efficiently from one activity to the next. A professional music teacher is well-organized, conscientious of the time, and knows how to stay productive during the entire duration of each music lesson.
A Love of Teaching Music
A great teacher should have a genuine love of music, and of teaching it. This love of teaching music will help to drive a teacher to do their best to help you enjoy music as they do and encourage you to develop your own passion for playing.
a professional network & resources
An experienced teacher will have built a network of personal and professional resources during their career and this is of great benefit to their students.  They will be committed to their continued improvement as a musician and educator, and have opportunity to discuss techniques and strategies for development with other experienced professionals.
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