Frequently Asked Questions

When do lessons run?

Lessons generally run from Monday to Friday from 2:00pm – 7:00pm. 
Lessons outside of these hours can often be arranged by appointment.

How long are Lessons?   How often?

The most popular option for our students is a Weekly Booking for 30 minutes but we also offer Casual Bookings.
Longer lesson times are available upon request and most schedules can be accommodated. 
Check out all of our Booking Options.

What is the cost?   How can I make payment?

Lessons cost $35 for a 30 minutes session.  (longer lesson times available on request). 
All lesson payments are to be made PRIOR TO THE START OF THE LESSON and are subject to the cancellation policy outlined in our Terms & Conditions. Payments can be made in person at Rockingham Music Academy.   We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS.

Do you offer Casual Bookings?

If you are not confident to commit to a permanent booking, we do offer Casual Bookings.

They are be booked within 7 days  depending on availability and must be paid for upon booking to be guaranteed.
A variety of Booking Options are available. Advise a member of our Booking Team with your preferences at the time of enrolment.

Do you give a Free Trial Lesson?

Although other lesson facilities in the area offer the first session free, we know it takes more than one lesson to tell if a teacher is the  Right  teacher for you or your child.  We do offer an Obligation-Free Lesson Booking as the perfect way to experience the customized curriculum offered with a Weekly Booking at Rockingham Music Academy, without the immediate pressure of committing to a direct debit or full-term booking.  Students who continue a booking are entitled to make weekly payments as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.  A no obligation way for you to really give RMA a try!


It’s my first lesson, what do I need to bring with me?

Guitar, Bass, Stings and Woodwind students are expected to bring their instruments. We provide amps, pianos, and drums for lessons.
Some instruments can be provided for a first lesson if needed, but please check with us.

Can parents or a friend sit in lessons on the lesson?

We have an open door policy allowing family or a friend to sit in on lessons if they wish to do so.

What styles do you teach?

We teach all styles including pop, rock, blues, country, jazz, classical, folk, theory and more.
We are able to help students prepare for exams, auditions and performances, as well as provide instruction to students who learn just for fun.

Do you teach students to read music?

We encourage students to learn to read musical notation. This comprises of tablature, music, rhythm and ear training. We do not solely focus on reading notation but combine it with what inspires you to play as part of your learning.

What level and age can I start?

The average age that children start is around 6, but it is very specific to the child and their attention span. We've had students as young as 4 right through to professional musicians who already gig.  We teach all levels and love seeing students grow and achieve their goals.

How much practice is expected?

This depends on a number of factors pertaining to the individual. No matter what, practice needs to be regular and often.  Select a suitable time each day to rehearse your weekly tasks. If you have just started, 10 to 15 minutes a day is a good start. This will increase as more new concepts and pieces need to be rehearsed. Our experienced instructors will advise you of what best suits your needs.

If I have more than one child in lessons do I receive a discount?

Due to the high qualifications of our teaching staff and our commitment to offering the best price to all of our students, we do not offer discounts for multiple students or sessions.  Occasional specials and giveaways take place on RMA's social media sites.

Still have Questions?

Contact us at 0458 256 055 or by email at lessons (at)